Healing & Creative Arts

The Healing and Creative Arts Center is unique in its approach to solving societal problems. We combine a personalized counseling/educational program for both children and adults, blending mental health care and artistic expression. The entire family is part of the healing process, and each family member is evaluated and helped. The goal of the Center is to empower children and adults to reach their fullest potential.

Hope | House of Prayer Exploits

HOPE is a Christian ministry and a training center that was founded in Nazareth (Israel) by Rania Sayegh at the end of the year 2004. The name HOPE is the acronyms of the following words: House Of Prayer & Exploits, where the word EXPLOITS refers to the scripture in Daniel 11:32b (KJV) “but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.

True Destiny Media

True Destiny Media is a full range visual media solution. They provide service such as video production, animation, print design, website design and web site application development.

Succat Hallel

Succat Hallel (Hebrew for Tabernacle of Praise) is a dynamic community of worshippers and intercessors from five continents drawn together to stand as watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem.

Some have come short-term; others have made Jerusalem their home. All have the common desire to minister first unto the Lord, to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and intercede for Israel and the nations.

Sonburn Encounters

SonBurn Encounters is a ministry that is devoted to encountering the Father through the face of the Son. They are radical about their love for God and others. They hold frequent gatherings to usher in God’s presence and bring people into life-changing encounters. They also release various media resources, such as teaching, worship, and prophetic videos for encouragement and equipping.

Now Believe

A London-based outreach ministry, Now Believe promotes interdenominational worship events like David’s Tent, offers a life-changing course called Growing in the Supernatural, street ministry in Soho, and mission trips to places like India and South Africa.

Brian Tinker

Consultant for graphic design and more…

Claire Hollywell

Profound prophetic artwork for purchase upon email request…


The International House of Prayer is an evangelical missions organization that is committed to praying for the release of the fullness of God’s power and purpose, as we actively win the lost, heal the sick, feed the poor, make disciples, and impact every sphere of society—family, education, government, economy, arts, media, religion, etc. Our vision is to work in relationship with the wider Body of Christ to engage in the Great Commission, as we seek to walk out the two great commandments to love God and people.

Crisis Response International

CRI is a disaster relief organization that designed to integrate with local, state, and federal response efforts. This is possible because of our relationships with community, state, and federal level volunteer organizations that are actively involved in disaster relief.

CRI manages operations, resources and personnel to carry out various tasks and services that assist victims of disaster and crisis. Operations vary upon the size and scope of the disaster, but ultimately the goal is to see hearts turn to Christ through demonstrations of God’s mercy and love.

Exodus Cry

Exodus Cry is built on a foundation of prayer and is committed to abolishing sex slavery through Christ-centered prevention, intervention, and holistic restoration of trafficking victims.


The Jerusalem Institute of Justice is dedicated to cultivating and defending the rule of law, human rights, freedom of conscience and democracy for all people in Israel and its adjacent territories. Our passionate, knowledgeable and professional staff effectively educate and advocate for victims of repressive policies in our region.